How To Make Your Girl Happy

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If you’re looking for some straight to the point ideas, tips and tricks on how make your girl happy, then this article is for you! First the key to success in a relationship is communication.

The main thing to bear in mind is that every girl is different. Ask her what she likes and dislikes, that way, you can’t go wrong.

40- Ask her to play your video games with you instead of making her watch.

39- Repeat things she has told you later on so she knows you have been listening.

38- Share your food with her if she said she didn’t want any but changes her mind.

37-Give her extra compliments if she has put effort into her hair, makeup, outfit.

36- Buy her favourite snacks for her when she has a bad day.

35- Get her the pet she has always wanted.

34- Book a table at her favourite restaurant.

33- Surprise her with a delicious take out meal when she’s had a hard day.

32- Have discussions about children, marriage etc to understand what she wants.

31- Make an effort to have time away from your phone whilst on a date.

30- Send a present to her workplace to make her smile.

29- Post about her on your social media.

28- If she falls asleep early, prepare her things for work in the morning.

27- Wake her up with breakfast.

26- Order the next book in her favourite series for her.

25- Tell her she’s beautiful exactly how she is.

24- Surprise her with a small plant.

23- Cook her favourite meal for her.

22- Take her to a movie, let her choose which one.

21- Go for a walk together.

20- Text her good morning and tell her you hope she has a lovely day.

19- Take her to a concert.

18- Make her a card to say “I miss you”.

17- Tell her how much you appreciate her.

16- Offer to help with the dishes.

15- Keep your appearance clean and tidy.

14- Watch her favourite TV series with her.

13- Smile at her often.

12- Invite her out with your friends.

11- Hold doors open for her.

10- Ask her how she likes to be pleased.

9- Put her phone on charge if she has forgotten.

8- Remind her to get enough sleep.

7- Support her while she walks if she is wearing heels.

6- Be appreciative when she does something for you.

5- Give her a massage.

4- Get her a soft toy.

3- Dance with her.

2- Care for her.

1- Be her best friend.

I hope this article was able to help you learn how to make your girl happy. I wish you the best of luck!

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