How To Create A Happy Marriage.

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This article offers 20 good ideas, you can use with your spouse, to create a truly joyful, fulfilling marriage and to take it to the next level .

1- Create a beautiful dream for your life together with your partner and live that dream with passion every single day.

2- Laugh together often to keep your relationship lively and vibrant.

3- Don’t look for Love in your Marriage. Be the Love you are looking for and you’ll be lovable and loved.

4- Your joy in your Marriage depends on how much you give. Look for more ways to give.

5- Keep the feelings of romance alive in your Marriage by continuing to discover and re-discover the reasons you fell in love with each other and chose a life together.

6- The best way into your partner’s heart is through things he or she loves and admires. Talking and doing things he or she loves and admires.

7- Be an Encourager in your relationship. Encouragement strengthens your relationship.

8- The need to be heard  is a universal need. When you simply learn to listen, you’ll simply improve the quality of your Marriage.

9- Your role in your Marriage is not to get your spouse interested in you. Your role is to become interested in your spouse.

10- You play your true role in your Marriage when your spouse’s happiness becomes as important to you, as your own.

11- You cannot have a good Marriage, if you are focused always on winning. Always think Win-Win.

12- Don’t reserve your celebrations for just Big things. Learn to celebrate small things and have fun together as a couple, to make your relationship more fun and enjoyable.

13- When you find true joy and happiness in the expression of your partner’s best qualities and talents, you make your Marriage a true abode of love and happiness.

14- A quality Marriage require spending quality time together. Make sure to spend quality time with each other to show you care.

15- Keep the excitement alive in your Marriage by keeping the surprises alive.

16- Treat your Marriage like the most beautiful and amazing thing on this planet, if you want it to be, the most beautiful and amazing thing on this planet.

17- Your spouse cannot read your mind or know your feelings. Make sure to let him or her know what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

18- Engage in open and loving conversations with your spouse, to keep the joy and fun flowing in your Marriage.

19- When you love your spouse for who he or she is, you will be loved for who you are.

20- A good Marriage does not just happen, You just make it happen.

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