How to act when your heart is breaking

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Every once in a while life likes to take you by surprise, and knocks you down when you least expect it. people can leave us and break our hearts.

Now it is time to get the show back on the road, pick yourself up, and get back onboard with life. You still need to stand up. I know it seems hard, but there is nothing else you can do, life goes on with or without you. Your heart is breaking but there is no need to let everything else good you have got going on in your life fall apart at the same time.

You need to recollect your thoughts and stay extremely focused on where and what you invest your energy in. Honestly, this does not have to be such an awful time, it can actually be the gateway to a new and improved you. It took me a while to grasp this but once I did it really changed everything about me and catapulted me out of one of the worst times in my life into one of the most pivotal moments in my life so far.

You can flip the coin and consciously choose to look at this as potentially one of the best things that has happened to you, as you open new doors which lead you to new experiences and opportunities to meet someone who is the ultimate fit for you. There is now an ocean of possibilities and moments of joy and love waiting just for you, so do not turn your back on this by drowning in despair. Nothing good ever comes from despair, all it does is put a seal on your eyes, covering all the good which is always in front of you.

The next thing I am going to cover here is even when you do feel you’re making some progress, you are constantly plagued with nonstop unwanted thoughts you feel you cannot control. It seems like no matter how strong you are or how much effort you are putting in to get yourself back together, there are always those pesky, unspoken thoughts that seem to have a taken a permanent residence in your mind.  

Give yourself a break with this one though. Do not stress too much about the constant thinking. If you just keep shutting the thoughts down it will get easier and eventually your head space will clear.

These thoughts can occur anywhere, at any time, like in the middle of a yoga class or paying for your groceries. You just can’t stop thinking about that person. It can seem at times that they are always on your mind. You need and want to stop thinking about them right this very second. It will require a little patience and persistence to successfully drown out these thoughts. When a thought happens, try to acknowledge it straight away before it develops into any of those past feelings. If you are in the middle of doing something and a thought associated with that person pops into your head, take a deep breath and say, “Ok, here is this thought again.” Let it rest within your mind no longer than a couple of seconds. Then work at redirecting your mind to think of anything else, even something simple like the pattern of the wall in front of you, just focus on something and keep your attention on it. This is a really good method that stops the constant thinking as it catches the thought pattern before it takes over. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

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