15 I can’t Live Without You Messages For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend


You can’t spend time without your boyfriend or girlfriend? if you actually searched for this messages, you realy love your partner.

In order to help you i have written these romantic messages to say i can’t live without you that will make your partner fall in love with you again.

15- Even after all these days, I smile reading stories that perhaps relate to our good old memories.

14- No happiness can replace our memories that I still stick to, waiting to be your happiness again.

13- The world can show me different paths abound to step ahead in life, but I won’t be able to find destiny without you by my side.

12- I try flying away from you but the whiff of your love always takes me back to where your world belongs.

11- After all these months, I still close my eyes with a hope that maybe now, you’ll visit the paradise I’ve built for us in my dreams.

10- It has been years since we’ve parted and I hate being someone who still misses you for infinite moments every day, hoping for us to be together again.

9- Even after all these years, every happiness in my life leads me back to you.

8- Wish we could be the same as before. When there were no two thoughts but one, When destinies were same and walking together was fun. Wish there were no incomplete conversations left anymore, wish we could be the same as before.

7- I miss you. Are we done? Did you really leave me? You don’t reply to my email anymore. I couldn’t live my life because I couldn’t forget you

6- My heart might explode now. I miss you so much. Don’t cry in anyone’s arms anymore. I will come for you.

5- I came to see you. Did you miss me?

4- I miss you a lot. I wish I could be able to talk to you again.

3- I’m living. But mostly I miss you.

2- Today I miss you. I’m not feeling so well. Your name on my skin doesn’t make it easy to forget you. You are the most unforgettable moment of my life. And that means a lot because I’ve had some very important moments in my life.

1- I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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